The Hippie Outlaws

In an admirable attempt to record legend The Hippie Outlaws of Humboldt County, California have created their own version of Outlaw music for the weed runners that made this industry what it is today. Marijuana is like fine Whiskey in American history and the rugged men who broke ground decades ago in the fertile California soil are the true trailblazers of our time. Just as we now praise the Whiskey giants of this generation, who were once illegal booze runners themselves, we will soon come to honor the men and women who had the courage and fortitude to create history and shape the ground beneath them to better mankind. That’s the American way. Let’s salute these hard working people and hope that the loving message of Marijuana will help heal the nation. Please purchase the song “Firecreek Farms” below and send the link to all your friends. Once again, happy 420 Day 2017!